Mobiliser Les Gouvernements De La Plantene A Changer Le

OCEAN( Organisation Congolaise des Ecologistes et Amis de la Nature) is a Congolese organization of environmentalists and nature lovers- our actions are taken to improve the management of the wood exploitation industrial while réduiresant programs on deforestation and degradation in forest areas in the country; with the objective of sustainable management, conservation of our natural resources. and human resources in the aspect: the work is to make respected the rights of local communities, indigenous pygmy peoples in the social clauses of specifications (stops 23 and 28 of the Forestry Code) of the DRC, defend and advocate on various violations saw their gap marginalization of women and children in the green zones and living dependent of forest. OCEAN leads awareness raising, information in this framework and is in the same spirit that we contribute more to mobilize, resist more finally get an answer now equal for climate justice.

This action is addressing:
Climate Justice

One sentence to describe the impact of this action:
Actions on REDD are very positive, we have won the confidence of our communities and PA beneficiaries, employees and partners of the project.

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September 06-08 2015

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OCEAN( Organisation Congolaise des Ecologistes et Amis de la Nature)

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